Background Technologies

We bring ground breaking solutions to the market by using the latest technology to provide you with an easy and seamless experience for your business. Find out more about the technologies we use and how we use them.

Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing simply defined is a network of centralized computers or servers that provide online access to services and resources and allows the storage, management and development of data. The concept of cloud computing has really been around since the 1950’s when centralized mainframe computers were used. The recent use of the term cloud computing has been around since 1996. You might also have heard of Virtualization software or virtual machines. Cloud computing is mainly derived from this concept of virtualization. In a nutshell, virtualization allows software services and resources to be stored on one computer and then having these distributed to other terminals on a computer network.

Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence originated in 1955 when an American Computer Scientist, specializing in cognitive science defined Artificial Intelligence as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. That is to say machines mimicking human like intelligence that encompasses learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception and language-understanding .Here at ibexlab we just simply define it as an automated set of tasks or jobs. Technology that helps you to work smarter. We’re not working with Artificial Intelligence yet but will do so in the near future.

Big Data

Big Data is a term used to described the volumes of both structured and unstructured data, that is so large (we’re talking petabytes, exabytes or even quintillion bytes of data) that it becomes challenging to process all that data using the traditional forms such as a database and software techniques. According to IBM research we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Most of the data to-date has been produced in the last 2 years alone.  Technically speaking the data sets are so large and complicated that it becomes difficult to process using traditional forms of processing software applications. The difficulties lie in how we make use of that data using methods such as analysis, storage, sharing, privacy concerns, search etc.


If you own a cell phone, it is more likely that you have experienced low reception indoors or you might be in an area where you have no reception at all. Some spaces tend to block cellphone signals. This can be frustrating when you have lost your phone and are trying to locate it, which needs GPS. Beacon technology is a solution to that problem.

Beacons use low energy Bluetooth technology to transmit signals or messages to tablets or smartphones. Beacons are a small low-cost hardware solution that are powered by batteries.

This is especially useful in the retail industry on how they communicate with consumers. Merchants can offer consumers information on their products and services. Any sales or offers they have in store. Consumers can even make payments and just go and collect the items from the store.

This is just one example on how Beacon technology is useful. There are of course other uses for Beacon technology.