What makes us effective is not only our highly trained staff at Ibexlab, but also the partners that we closely work with on each project that we take on. This ensures our products and services are well designed and developed and are ready to be launched on the market.  Along with our partners we specifically pay attention and adhere to the “time-to-market” concept, ensuring that our services and products are timely created to keep ahead of our competition.

Meet our Partners

KT is the number one telecom company in Korea.
Our O2O (Online to Offline) business partner for small to medium sized merchants.

UP Solutions is a POS hardware serrvice provider for merchants

P2C is the subsidiary company of UMS, POS H/W & Solution company in Korea.

KT mhows is the subsidiary company of UMS, the POS solutions company in US.

Cobaltray is an Android based H/W OEM and ODM company in Korea.
We work in partnership to develop android based POS H/W and solutions.

The number one paymet gateway service company in Korea
The O2O(Online to Offline) business partner for small sized merchants

Acquiring & POS solution company in US.
Ibexlab provide the android based POS solution & H/W to them.