Our POS System

We developed a smart point-of-sales system, to provide not only a better and a seamless solution to small to medium sized merchants but also one that greatly reduces the merchant costs of doing business, by using the power of cloud computing. Working in collaboration with our partners, P2C in Korea and UMS in the USA, we have the collective expertise and experience to provide groundbreaking solutions to the Android P.O.S. Market.

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Digital Marketing Technology

One of the things we have in the pipeline is that we’re going to develop a Digital Marketing Platform, a technology that makes the whole digital marketing experience as seamless, easy and effective as possible.

Here’s the thinking behind this idea. The idea is specifically focused on the concept of O2O (offline to online). In our research we noticed many companies, using both the traditional form of marketing and digital marketing methods with little or no results. This is to say the resulting ROI wasn’t as expected.

This is where our idea comes in, where we develop a sophisticated digital marketing technology using both AI and Big Data. A platform made available for small to mid sized businesses, automating the marketing process so that the businesses can focus on producing and selling products and letting the digital marketing technology do it’s work.

Shop Online with us

A newly developed service that we are due to launch in South Korea, in January 2015 is Yoshop, our online shopping e-commerce platform. Simply put it’s a platform to help small to medium sized merchants move from providing their products and services offline to online. It’s a cheaper and affordable solution for merchants. By using our platform they are able to grow their customer base significantly and grow their businesses. Yoshop works in conjunction with our POS system, to provide a seamless experience for the merchants and their customers. Your customers are able to order online or via their mobile devices. Also we have our own developed gift coupons or vouchers that you can offer to your customers.

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Remote Control

For the managers working at retail outlets and restaurants, we’ve developed a remote control system using the latest in web technology. The purpose of the remote control system is so that managers can change the offers on their products and services. So either these are updated on screens on display throughout the store or the offers are beamed to cell phones.

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